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Back Up Your Files

This article provides information on backing up files before all public computers are wiped in preparation for 511 Read more →

How To: Format Your Drive for a Mac

Unless otherwise stated on the box, most external Harddrives are formatted to be used on the PC and while you will be able to read and copy items off of that drive you will not be able to write to it. This article shows you how. Read more →

Digitally submitting your thesis

On this article we will learn how to prepare and upload the digital aspects of your thesis. Read more →

Creating printer presets

With PNCA's new Xerox printer / copiers you will be able to print out your documents faster than ever and with a few tweaks you'll also be able to save some trees and save yourself some money, here's how Read more →

Digital tools challenge exam

If you've already studied the basics which are covered in Visual Elements: Digital Tools you can take this test as a challenge. Read more →

Changing your login password

This will show you how to change your log in password. Different PNCA websites need to validate with different servers so please follow all steps in this tutorial. Read more →

Basic troubleshooting

This article explains how to troubleshoot most common technology problems at PNCA. Read more →